What is Servicebot?

Servicebot is a layer on top of Stripe, providing SaaS companies with an embeddable user interface (UI) for Stripe. It will save you months on Stripe Billing integration with your SaaS.

Servicebot Subscription Management Portal

The subscription management portal is our first Stripe embeddable UI. It allows your customers to be able to manage their subscription, upgrade or downgrade between your available plans, cancel, update credit card, and download PDFs of their previous invoices. This portal is created to handle any recurring pricing strategy from a simple flat subscription to a complex multi-tier usage-based subscription. There are no APIs for Servicebot, Stripe will provide the API and Servicebot will provide the user interface (UI).

‚ÄčCheck out some examples of the Customer Subscription Management Portal to see what your customers will be able to do.

What is Stripe Billing?

Stripe Billing is the most powerful payment gateway and billing solution online. It is free to create a Stripe account and you are required to have one in order to use Servicebot. Make sure to checkout Stripe supported countries.

If you haven't created your Stripe account yet, go ahead and create your free Stripe account. When you're done, continue with our docs: