Frequently Asked Questions

Is Servicebot GDPR compliant?

Yes, Servicebot is GDPR Compliant. Servicebot only stores customer email and some Stripe IDs. All other data remains in Stripe and your system. If you receive a request to remove a user's data, simply delete them from Stripe and it will automatically remove their email from Servicebot.

Can I create a lifetime subscription?

Yes, to create a lifetime subscription, just add a product to your service that is a one-time payment.

Can I connect a test Stripe account?

Currently you must have a fully complete Stripe account with bank details in order to connect to Servicebot. If you wish to test around, check out our examples page to see how the billing pages look and how they are installed.

Can I use the Customer Portal for my existing Stripe customers?

Yes, absolutely. Servicebot looks up your customer's subscriptions by email or Stripe Customer ID. Subscriptions can be created from the Stripe Dashboard, via the API, Third-party app, or from Servicebot and the Customer Portal can still show them.