Change Style

How to modify the look of Billing Pages

The look of all billing pages is highly customizable so that they integrate seamlessly with your website/app. Using CSS, colors and fonts can be changed, and content can be added or removed. Below are the steps to change the style.

Easy style changes coming to the dashboard soon!

Step 1: Determine class

The easiest way to determine the CSS class of the piece you wish to change is to inspect element with your browser. Right click on the thing you want to change and select Inspect. We can see the class name of this button is .servicebot-btn-primary

Inspecting Billing Page Style

Step 2: Override style

Now we can override the style. You can do this within your browser then copy the style to your CSS file.


Below are examples & templates for billing page style changes. Just add the CSS to your project to add to your billing page.