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Get a subscription management portal for your customers in minutes using Servicebot

After speaking to hundreds of SaaS startups we learned that it takes about 2-3 months on average to build a subscription management portal integrated with Stripe so that your customers can manage their subscriptions. Servicebot reduces that time to minutes and you don't have to maintain it!

You can view live examples of Servicebot Subscription Management Portal in action.

Connect Servicebot & Stripe

This guide assumes that you have already created your Servicebot account. Once you have signed up for Servicebot, press 'Connect to Stripe'. This will link your Stripe account to Servicebot.

First view after registering for a Servicebot account

Learn the basics of SaaS Billing

SaaS billing has a strong connection to user registration and on-boarding flow of your application. You should understand your user's journey from the time they visit your website to when they become a paying customer before jumping into billing. To learn the basics, follow our SaaS Billing guide first:

Setting up Servicebot

There are 3 simple steps to install and configure your Servicebot Subscription Management Portal for your customers:

After completing these 3 steps, you are done with your subscription management portal. You can get into more advanced settings and configurations of your portal here:

Sync Billing Data With Your SaaS

You may want to keep your customer subscription and payment status in sync with your SaaS application, so that you can restrict access to the application if your customers credit cards fail or show certain features based on their subscription plan. To do this, you will have to listen to Stripe webhook events:

Handsfree Billing

Are you in a time-crunch to launch your product and billing is being a heavy hurdle? Let us help design the best billing flow for your product and help you implement it without wasting your developer resources learning about billing. Learn more about our Handsfree Billing.