Go Live

Changes you need to make to take your product Live

So you've gone through the steps in the guide and you're ready to start putting real charges through. There are only 2 things you need to do in order to go live.

In Stripe there are two modes. Live mode and Test mode. Live mode does real charges to cards and puts real money in your bank account. Test mode is used for development and testing. It allows you to enter test credit cards for testing a billing integration. In Servicebot there is test and live mode as well. It will be directly tied to your Stripe account in the respective mode. Your Servicebot account always starts with the Test mode to help you get everything setup before accepting real payments.

Step 1: Promote your Test Product to Live Mode

In Stripe you can easily promote Products created in Test mode to Live mode.

Steps to promote Test Products

Step 2: Enter Payment information

If you click the toggle on the Servicebot Dashboard to go to Live Mode, you will be prompted to enter your payment information.

Test Mode/Live Mode Toggle

Step 3: Make sure you have the 'Live Mode' settings

The only code difference there is between Test and Live modes is the embed client side code. If you look at the Setup section of any of the embed pages, and you switch between Live mode and Test mode you will see the value of 'servicebot_id' change. This is the only value that changes between modes and allows you to have separate environments for production and test/development. Make sure you have the correct ID configured for the mode you need.

Using the Subscription Portal in Live mode requires that the Portal Security is configured. Make sure you have the server-side code installed and the portal settings has the 'hash' variable populated.